Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tweed Gallery

Travel time is upon us again and I was reminded of a recent trip to the Tweed Regional Gallery. Stunning gallery.

The main reason for our visit was to see Australian painter Margaret Olley's interior of her terrace house, recreated in the gallery space where it now has a new home.

I love this idea - of painstakingly and carefully removing every item of Margaret's rooms, building a replica house and then re-placing each and every time as it was in her house in Sydney on the day she died.  What a remarkable memorial and gift.

This wouldn't necessarily work or be of great interest if it was just some run of the mill person's house with average this and that. Margaret's home was a veritable jungle of art and flowers and still life and paints.

It wasn't possible to get brilliant photos but I am sure you will get the idea of just what her home must have been like. Astonishing!

This pair of photos is a bit blurry - but what caught my eye was the kitchen - the sink, the oven, jam, fruit an apron and ...several paint palettes and tubes of paint. As you do.


I've been thinking of collective nouns for the rooms - a glory of chaos? an overwhelming of gorgeousness?

I loved the chest of drawers - clearly type drawers or paper drawers - the perfect piece of bedroom furniture.

And then to a few other pieces in other parts of the gallery that caught my eye.

White Owl by Joshua Yeldham

 A detail of a piece Interior with Poppies (Margaret Olley's house) by Cressida Campbell.

Michael Cusack Archive (13) Curragh

And on the way back to the car - these guys. Pursuit by John Petrie.

I immediately wanted to go home and see if we could find a couple of great boulders and make some of them. We haven't but I'd love to have a few roaming the block!


  1. The very definition of torture: being on the road when inspiration strikes (ha!)

    Love the poppies and the critters

  2. there's a Cressida Campbell show on at Mossgreen here in Sydney, a brilliant artist, did you read the article about her work going international in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday?

    1. She is amazing Mo...glad you got to see the show!


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