Sunday, November 26, 2017


Re-entering the making and creating zone after a period away is always interesting.

Spare minutes and moments this week have been spent quietly sorting out the final drawers of type I had around, and now the job of cataloguing them begins. It seemed to me that I needed a clear head and a clear space to begin again, so that was the task.

So when I finished tidying yesterday, the path was clear to go make something, or at the very least, do something.

This morning I set out to try and print a small something.

I mixed up some purple ink.

Rolled it.

And popped it onto the press and rollers.

 What a fabulous colour!

That all went so well - the type was selected, the layout worked, the chase locked up easily. No dramas.


I went to print and just could not get the pressure right. I learnt of course that I should have done my pressure testing using a chase specifically set up for that (I have one, just forgot to use it), and I fiddled and I faddled.

Barry came along and helped try this and try that, and together we kind of sorted it - his brain contributing far more than mine! Took just over an hour to work it all out.

I made quite the mess and managed to waste a lot of paper it felt.

But I persisted!

And managed to print 50 reasonably good versions of this quote. No idea why Blogger has made the photos blurry - I've tried a number of solutions to no avail, apologies.

I just wanted to print something, and have loved this quote since earlier in the year when it was spoken by Republican Senator  Mitch McConnell as he tried to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren as she spoke.

It is so representative of so much; and I have wanted to print it for a while. I have plans to add something to these mixed up pieces of paper with their words - and I really want to get some larger type and print it on some aprons, but for now, this was enough.

My thinking was that the gap between she and persisted would slow people down a bit, and maybe emphasis the words. Not sure if it worked, but it will do for now.


  1. i love it, and yes it does give one pause to reflect

  2. Jacaranda purple for a poignant quote

  3. The gap does exactly what that - slows people down. In doing so, it emphasizes the 'she', making one who doesn't know the next word conjure up all kinds of expected female actions before being told that what she did was persist. And for those like myself who do know the 'persisted' is coming, it emphasizes that this time it is WOMAN who persisted, even though something (in this case a male) tried to make continuing impossible. All that captured by a change in leading between words. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Charlene - which says it does what I hoped. So lovely to have feedback like this and I love when people spend time with words and experience them differently because of a little something one has done... Thanks so much!!


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