Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Persisting with purple

I have been trying to work out exactly what I want to add to the cards I printed over the weekend.

They looked so nice with the late afternoon sun drifting across them.

So I went off and played with some of the many rejects...trying a bit of this and a bit of that.  I tried out cleaning my ink roller and seeing if it made any interesting patterns.

Kind of, sort of, still not sure.

So then I went to town with an embossing plate - just to see what it looked like if I embossed quite strong marks across it. A bit too powerful for me.

I topped and tailed a page with some old silver plate embossing plates, which kind of gave the words a popped out flat panel to show themselves upon.

I rolled a thin copper sheet the length of the page. It had a gentle criss cross pattern.

As a last resort I used a circular embossing (sideways just because) on a page where I had rolled the purple which is all really a bit too much all up! But I tried to close my eyes and filter out the purple and work out if a circular embossing, oriented correctly, at the bottom of a long thing page, could work...and in my mind's eye I think it might. But I am really going to have to try it on one of the ones I printed properly.

I do think the words look lovely on their own as well. 

Sigh. I am forever challenged by my preference for not much at all; and the need to make the work interesting for others. Clearly lots of work still to do...


  1. I always find it fascinating seeing the design invention process of others. And I know that if anyone gives me their ideas as to how things should progress, I very rarely proceed as advised. But I find the input valuable, even if only to help direct me in an opposite direction!
    Having said that, I'm about to say what your printed words call out to me.
    I love that upright determination of the typeface, and the gap for me wants one of your calligraphic swoops - a swoop of determination.
    I work with linocut, and love leaving the cut marks to show in the print, and what I see here is a background of a few faint cut marks, and one swoop of positive determination which changes direction/takes off within the gap.
    Well, that's my two ha'p'worth, and happy to be rejected.

    1. Olga thank you for taking the time to ponder and reflect and let me know your thoughts - I love it! I put the pondering of the process out there and am glad you had some thoughts and shared them. So interesting to think about a calligraphic mark swooping thru...I will play a bit with marks and options but the addition of something freer than the steadfastness of the upright type; well that could be fun! Go well.

  2. love seeing your thought processing materialized

    1. Some of my thought processes are not particularly lovely when materialised Mo - but they are all grist to the mill, non? Go well.

  3. what makes you think the unadorned version isn't interesting to others? though if I had to pick one of the experiments, I like the top and bottom embossing.

    1. Thanks Dee - I can sometimes be so spare that things almost aren't there, and I try to challenge myself every now and again to put more in, to add something when I would normally leave it alone. I may have phrased it poorly thinking I needed to do it for others - really I just need to push myself out of my comfort zone. Thanks for your thoughts - I love hearing how people respond to the work in progress...go well.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.