Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts...

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

Jorge Luis Borges

If I ever turned my mind to what Paradise would look like, I am pretty sure I would come up with something like this. It would have to have books.

I would probably also require something like good coffee, good wine and maybe cheese. Some of the lovely indulgent things I enjoy in my life. It would be good if it also had good friends, nice weather and endless opportunities for art.

But really, the books would almost matter most.

Books have been a constant in my life. More so than wine or coffee or art or even cheese.  I am rarely not within arms reach of something to read and always, always turn to words and book for solace and comfort. For understanding and for pure pleasure.

I regularly say I have nowhere near enough time to read all the books that I want to. Imagine Paradise, which might last forever, and finally having time to read all those books you desire!

A little piece of Paradise in a pub in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.


  1. And maybe a bit of chocolate ... but books most of all

  2. Absolutely.. that would be paradise, indeed!!

    1. Indeed - a great way to spent a very long time I think Gwen. Go well.

  3. Replies
    1. It was such a chance happening upon Mo - utterly unexpected which made it all the more delightful. Was not sure the whole time we were there whether we were really allowed to be in there; but stayed anyway!

  4. I have been a serious book worm, book collector and cannot imagine my life without books- when they take me to the nursing home, all I want are my books and art supplies

    1. Sounds to me like all you'd need to pack Susan! I'd be very happy if my suitcase continued mostly those two things...go well.


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