Sunday, December 3, 2017

Resolution - Revolution

I really enjoyed reading and thinking about all the comments and suggestions regarding where to next with these words.

Each option made me think, and out of nowhere, but clearly out of somewhere, came the notion of embossing a symbol - something about the round embossing on the last one in the previous post, something about the raised paper around the words, something about women, something like...the female symbol!

I remembered I had used the symbol to emboss one of our collaborative books and just had to find it. Easier said than done sometimes, but after a short search I found the plate I had used, and checked it for size.

To me, it fitted perfectly. It surrounded the words and bled off the page which I really really liked.

As ever, I fiddled a bit with placement and tried to work out if I liked the embossed look or the de-bossed look. And accidentally did a really gentle emboss as well, so compared the three.

I split the difference, but in favour of the emboss, and did 40 embossed and ten de-bossed, but not as deeply as the middle one above.

The pile of de-bossed cards.

The pile of embossed cards.

 A sideways look at the stack of embossed cards.

A sense of the embossed cards.

And I went over a couple of the coloured ones as well - just because.

I love it when the resolution appears, and especially for this one - in support of a quiet revolution. 


  1. Ahhh see you've found your answer, and an ideal one.

    1. Thanks Beverley - and so sorry i don't reply earlier eek! Every now and again the right answer appears...go well.

  2. "debossed" caused me to look in for the meaning of "de-" as a prefix. As I suspected, one of the meanings is "to remove a specified thing from" ... so, de-bossed ... to remove a boss from. A fitting metaphor for some bad actors in the work world.

  3. This is such a satisfying resolution, these new versions look just right. It's a lovely mystery, the source of the right approach. Things sort of compost or moil in the back of our minds and imagination until a sun orchid appears. A beautiful way of saying the piece in all the versions.


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