Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday Thoughts...

"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand". 

Neil Gaiman

I like the idea that books can be dreams. As I thought about it it seemed to hold quite true for novels and fiction, but I wondered a bit about non-fiction.

I decided yes, it can hold true for non-fiction as well.  I thought about how reading a biography you are still imagining the place, the person, the reactions of people. You are creating a whole panorama in your head even tho the words are written as apparent fact.  You still get to design and decorate the set in/on which it takes place. Kind of sort of dream-like.

I think it does hold best for fiction however, and I like the drifty nature a dream suggests.   It is so magical that words written by somebody and read by somebody else can take on a life of their own. A dream is so evocative - the way that a novel can consume you, take you in and make the real world disappear. I often come up of r air after a solid read and wonder how long I've been away...

Not a book, but I dream of peace...


  1. lovely, I enjoy reading diary type non -fiction books

    1. Thanks Susan - those diary type books can be so full of intriguing things can't they? Snippets of another's life...go well.

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    1. Thanks Mo - it's a beautiful little dreamer isn't it?

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    1. Thanks V - a little meander and wander in my brain! Go well.


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