Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday Thoughts...

“Our society values alert problem solving consciousness and it devalues all other states of consciousness. Any kind of consciousness that is not related to the production or consumption of material goods is stigmatized in our society today.” 

Graham Hancock

I went looking for quotes about art (today's theme for pondering) and came across this. Its a less than direct thought about art - yet art fits perfectly within it I think.

More and more it seems to me that the mantra "if you can't measure it, it doesn't count" has taken hold; and gets far more attention than it deserves. I also think "if you can't sell it, it has no value" is also too horrendous for words.

This notion of defining, problem solving, accounting for everything, being evidence-based is all well and good in its place.  As a former policy adviser, I liked these things, they mattered when they were used appropriately.  But as a policy adviser I also loved those notions which appeared as bright sparks from nowhere; when somebody made an unimaginable leap and turned us around so we could see a new way.

These moments of inspiration and leaping are a lot like art for  me.

I often reflect on the many ways a piece of art can evolve and come into being. So often for me it starts as a nudge; a hint; a moment of recognition or understanding that then creates a whole movement. Much like music I suppose; where at tentative little introduction can lead to you being swept away in a orchestral movement you didn't know was coming.

None of which are necessary logical or conscious problem solving things. Nor are they material goods for sale and recompense.

Arts sits at the heart of things that are not alert or conscious thinking and problem solving; and at the heart of non-production and non-consumable material goods. A shift towards valuing art would be a grand thing...altho it can be hard to imagine at times.

Part of "I Lost My Words" - which came about from a small idea and became so many things I didn't know it could be...


  1. Love this. Reminds me of shadows on a wall. Now you see them then you don't.

  2. when I was young I dreamed of this 21st C world being a time when the machines would be doing all the boring dehumanizing work & everyone would have more time for making art, writing poetry & prose, making music, reading philosophy, gardening, bushwalking, beachcombing, and generally having fun! I didn't take into account that the people who own the machines really don't want to share!

    1. Oh what a wonderful dream to dream Mo! I think it shows how innocent we are, because really, I never thought that the owners wouldn't see the need to share as well. We are certainly seeing the uber rich look after themselves more and more - sigh.

  3. Art is a way of articulating the things that can't be said (or measured or sold). It has been de-valued by our culture, but will never be obliterated because it is the only way we can respond fully (emotionally, intellectually and spiritually) to our experience in the world.

    1. Wise words Dana - and so true. It is beyond worth and measure and is such glad we get to share and enjoy it. Go well.


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