Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Planning ahead, and repairing peace

I am beginning to find myself teaching a bit more. Being invited to teach at some large events; and to teach some boutique courses for small groups.

It's all very interesting and I love that I get to share my passion for books, for words, for lettering and letterpress.

Looking way ahead to 2019, I have my first workshop in the US planned.  My friend Jennifer Coyne Qudeen taught at Encaustic Castle in Lexington Kentucky earlier this year; and my name popped up in conversation...

I have been invited to teach in February 2019 along with Holly Fouts.  The idea is that Patricia brings together two like-minded, mode-ed or methodologied tutors who teach 3.5 days each, back to back.

So far, the plan is Marks and Folios: A multiplicity of Book Arts techniques

Which gives us lots of options...

If you want to register your interest you can click here and get access to early bird information.

I am also in negotiations for a 5 day Quietly and Gently workshop in July 2019 here in Australia; and have already booked in a weekend teaching in June 2018.  I know there is another one lurking around October 2018 as well!

It intrigues me to know I have commitments so far out.

Back in the here and how however, I am studying, cleaning and sorting the studio at the moment, again in those small moments. Since International Day of Peace back in September, I have rescued some of the weather grams that have fallen into the driveway and been blown across the block.  We had torrential weather for nearly a month, so their departure from the tree is to be expected!

They have been drying out in the shed and I am beginning some repair work in the hope of hanging them back in the tree in time for Christmas, imagining peace on earth...


  1. There is something very satisfying about Round Two of Imagine Peace. Battered by the vicissitudes of weather, the repaired flyers will rise again, just like we have to endure in our efforts to bring peace to our world. Best wishes for a very happy Christmas season.

    1. Thanks so much Dana - and best wishes to you as well for the festive season. I like the notion of repair and repeat with the weathergrams, taking the time to mend and to have them fly high again...go well.

  2. love how you are repairing the weathered weathergrams, mine are softening at the front and back doors reminding us to imagine peace every time we go out and come in, you and Barry bring so much peace and awareness through your work for our beautiful broken world

    1. I love watching them age gracefully Mo - and even if they get really roughed up like these ones, I love that that they show wear and tear and the impact of time and tide so to speak. So nice that yours are still a gentle reminder; I look forward to having ours back up and smiling as I pass them each day. Go well.

  3. So I looked ... and Encaustic Castle is only 6 hours from my daughter's home (which admittedly is 16 hours from our home) ... but still, doable right?

    1. ha ha! Totally doable I think! Wouldn't that be fun? Grin from ear to ear! At least if we are nearby (16 hours is closer than say, Australia isn't it?) we might be able to stop by!


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