Sunday, December 24, 2017

Peace, gentle peace...

I wrote last week about trying to repair some of the peace weathergrams.  It is kind of against weathergram policy - they are supposed to be weathered and to let the elements do to them what they will. So mostly, I honour that notion.  

For some reason with these ones I just wanted to repair them and replace them and let them fly again.  I wanted to give peace another chance.

So I got some tough brown paper from Barry and attached them to it, added some more string and some reinforcement and let them go.

I love how the tree is now so full of summer leaf goodness! Usually when I first hang the weathergrams in September, the tree is bare, and only begins to bud in the few weeks afterwards.

Now they nestle and are protected, sheltered in a way, by the leaves.

I hung a few alongside some of Barry's peace doves that are still flying.

Here and there.

These are all hung fairly low so that we can see them as we walk by or as we drive down the driveway. Gentle, swaying-in-the-breeze reminders...

As Christmas arrives and we turn towards family, friends, community, rituals, and gentle remembering, I wish for peace.

Peace within, peace between us and peace between nations.

To all my blogging friends who share so much and support each other so much, thank you for another year of magic.

Wherever you may be, and however you may spend the time, may your Christmas be bright and beautiful, may you be safe, and may you find and celebrate moments of peace.


  1. Wishing you and Barry a beautiful Christmas. May peace and happiness be with you on this day and all days of the year.

    1. Thanks you so much - to have peace and happiness with us each is a beautiful beautiful wish...and to you.

  2. you make peace with every post (((Fiona & Barry)))

    1. Thanks Mo - I feel an aching for peace at this time of year, a deep need to seek it, promote it, create it...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Velma - I really enjoyed renewing them this time and am so happy they are fluttering their peace messages still...

  4. I wish you a peaceful new year, Fiona.

    I love to visit your blog and see your beautiful work. I haven’t commented much if at all this year but I still enjoy and savour!

    1. Thank you so much Charlton/Margaret! Its nice to know you are out there, enjoying the words and a wander along with me. Wishing you a peaceful, creative and gentle new year...


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