Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Peaceful garden sculpture

As part of our annual clean up around the place, both Barry and I are looking at our studios this time around.  Hmmmm.  My sewing room has been sorted, cleaned and tidied; my artists book collection has been cleaned and displayed properly.  My shed studio is still very much a work in progress...

Barry has been diligently sorting through the studio space under the house (two garages where cars are never parked). In so doing he has come across a couple of beautiful old typewriters we had picked up at garage sales because they were beautiful and because we might use them.

One of them he thinks might be able to be saved.

He started work on another and found it couldn't be resurrected, so I asked if we could use it in the garden somewhere. It is still so lovely to look at.

It now has pride of place outside the shed studio.

We stomped around the yard trying to find a block of wood for it to perch upon and found one.

I really wanted to have some paper in it...and came up with this piece (which is clearly not typed, but which is beautiful in presence and in message). I kind of like that you can imagine what an extraordinary typewriter it must have been if it had been able to type like this! Mystery and magic.

And so, it sits.
And like other things on our block, will weather. Will go through time in the elements and become a different thing.

And the other morning as I was checking on it, I turned around. It was quite early and the sun was rising and I looked through this little garland of peace back towards the house, and it was beautiful.

This time of year yearns for peace. For ourselves in amongst it; for our families; and for our world.
I find little bits here and there as I wander our garden.
I am grateful.


  1. What a wonderful installation. We could all certainly use more peace in our lives. Happy new year to you!

    1. Thanks Dee - it is a delightful thing to come across as I walk around the block! Every little chance for sharing peace is a good one I think...go well.

  2. yes. i imagine walking through your garden and seeing all of these returning-to-the-earth objects. all communicating, talking even...a conversation and contemplation...beautiful.

    1. You have it in one Velma - the place is full of these gentle returns; and they converse quietly, in whispers and with smiles...They are such quiet reminders to value life and let it go as well.


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