Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Postcards and Peace...

I have had a few little thoughts running around in my head, and found some small moments to try them out over the weekend.

Sometimes you need to have these small ideas and thoughts set aside so that when you get small moments - you know you have something you can do!  Rather than think I don't have enough time to do the big things I want to, I love having a list of little moment tasks/jobs/ideas to try and to do.

So it was with these postcard templates.

The idea of having some postcard templates ready to go has been with me for a while, but never really got prioritised. Then on Saturday it did!

I tried two options - using a few ornaments here and there and a lovely font. This is Gallia 18pt - isn't it gorgeous? And yes, I realise that the spacing - or is it kerning - would be better had I paid more attention.  My proofing is not good - I just get excited and want to print, so there is a lesson for me to slow down in that part and prepare perfectly.

I ended up making 64 of these and here they are on the stairs in the studio.

And one by itself.

A variation using Garamond 24pt.

Another 64 of these lying around studio surfaces drying!

So I have plenty of postcards to ponder next year.

And of course I still had some ink on the plate.  I am trying to find the right balance between not wasting ink; and not wasting paper.  I often feel the need to print madly to use up the ink, but in doing so I sometimes waste paper instead, as I am doing it without much planning or thought.

So this time I had a wee plan - something I thought I needed to do, and only cut enough paper to do it, and then cleaned up.

Not much ink wasted and not much paper wasted. Good outcome.

I was trying to work out how to decorate our very spare Christmas tree this year.  I don't like too much tizz (now there's a news break!) and tend to avoid overtly Christmas-like colours and decorations, tending to focus more on peace...

And so I printed a favourite phrase on small pieces of paper which had previously held proofs of my prints for the Under Construction works from 2015.

I can see some brown string joining them, and together they will hang on our tree...


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    1. Me too Liz - and I have it in a bigger fonts size as well!

  2. Simple yet truly reflecting what is most important, not tinsel, or baubles but words that underscore what is most needed in our world right now...your tree holds such meaning and heart Fiona.

    For us, it is more about Winter Solstice than Christmas and we don't get a tree but go to one of the big box stores and partake of their free bin where they place the bits and bobs of tree trimmings from purchased trees. For the past 4 years, since moving to New Mexico and because we live in a small house, I make a tree from free leftover branches, usually a little wonky lopsided endeavor but it gives me such joy to create from discards. Simply decorated with dried orange slices and this year, lemon slices as well, our tree honors the coming of the light from Winter Solstice. I add paper snowflakes made over 40 years ago when our girls were small and because this is New Mexico, I honor this place we call home with dried red chiles, grown in our garden and hung on our makeshift tree. A simple strand of fairy lights and our top is a photo of our grandchildren; a benediction of place, season and family.

    1. Oh Marti I just loved reading all of this. Too often now I get frustrated by the thoughtlessness surrounding Christmas and the loss of the simple things. Your words give me hope - each decision is thoughtful, each choice deliberate and a form of honouring. I struggled to think how I could honour my own feelings for Christmas and came up with Peace...always peace. Go well.

  3. I love the Gallia type and the dingbats under the Garamond. It is always such fun to play with the accompaniments to the many typefaces. Is the "Let Peace Be" a blackletter type. It is exquisite.

    1. Thanks Dana - it was fun trying to find a few ding bats/ornaments that would work! I too love Gallia and especially the type for the quote. I am yet to discover its name despite much forensic investigating but I think is so beautiful and so elegant. Go well.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love their simplicity and gentle reminder...go well.


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