Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Go Girl!

I have begun an annual print run titled "GG".

It has become an annual event serendipitously, rather than through thoughtful intent, but I like that it has emerged in this way. Always using wood type. Always using random letters rather than a consistent font.

On the weekend I got to play with my new magnets (courtesy of Springtide Press) in the bed of the galley proofing press.

We had also recently purchased some random wood type - all a bit oversized and I thought I would like to use it for my next GG print.

Here is the wood type set rather unorthodoxically in the press.

And here are the prints that emerged. I love the energy in this edition!

Multiples drying.

Playing with how much you can take out and still know what it is saying...

This is the third print in the 'collection', and the first two can been seen here.

2016 - GG

2017- GG I

And now we have GG II. Long may the girls go!


  1. F - amazing how well it printed given it was only held by magnets. GG indeed. B

  2. Those magnets look to be a real game changer ... and I particularly like the placement of the exclamation points in this year’s edition

    1. I seem to get more excited as the years go by Liz - it was good fun making these ones!

  3. they dance with sheer delight!

    1. There is a wee bit of exuberance in them isn't there Mo?!?!?!

  4. Feeling the power in this year’s GG.


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