Friday, June 29, 2018

Peace emerges book-ets are now for sale!

Many of you will have followed the ups, downs and roundabouts of me re-working some peace pages into what I happily describe as book-ets.

There was much wondering, and much wandering, as I explored the options hither and yon.

I was really pleased with the outcome and have now managed to get them into my online shop for sale.

Because the pages have been re-used, there is still evidence of tape residue visible on the pages.  I am OK with this as it seems to me that if what we are doing for peace isn't working; then we try another way, we try something different.

It also says to me peace needs renewal and we should just keep working...

Each book-et contains three pages of original calligraphy on rusted and pierced paper. The words are different in each.

1. Let peace be a daily conversation
2. We dream of peace and peace dreams of us
3. Peace is fragile, tend it gently and daily
4. Dwell with peace in your spirit and your mind
5. Every new breath allows peace to be born anew

I hope that you enjoy them - you can find them for sale for $95 pp here...


  1. They've turned out really well! Love them.
    P.S. if you still have problems with receiving mails; there's a tip on my blog.

    1. Thanks Annick - I looked at your blog earlier, followed your instructions and this comment appeared in my email- yay and many thanks!!!

    2. Thanks to you, Annick, and Ulrike for providing the Blogger comment email solution ... I have passed it on in my latest blog post, with credit to all!

    3. Brilliant Liz - and yes - add in the email changeover at the comment moderation part and you're set!

  2. These resolved very beautifully F. That last image is a stunner. x

    1. Thanks Susan - I was really happy when they were done - a quiet sense of satisfaction...


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