Sunday, April 29, 2018

The process can be pretty

I have all but finished my five book-ets where I have upcycled/re-used single pages from a previous work.

It has been slow and steady, but deeply satisfying as I resolved issues and created solutions that work, are clean and elegant, and support the words.

But... along the way, there was so much loveliness that I took quite a few 'pretty' photos and here are some of them.

Working out where to poke the holes, and in which direction!

Just because...

Five also look lovely together.


Tying off a knot on the inside.

Coming together...

It has been a delight spending time with this work. I shall post the finish items soon!


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    1. Thanks Mo - subtle and barely there; but telling a quiet story.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Cat - so sorry I missed this comment eerier. It was a lovely gathering of five!

  3. Sometimes ‘pretty’ just works - though the resulting books do look elegant. Photos are an extra lovely dimension of all the work we make.

    1. Apologies Susan for my late response - so true that photography has become an integral element in our work I think! And fascinating how we now see our work differently as well...

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    1. Thanks Annick - I had so many lovely moments as I made these - apologies for my tardiness.


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