Tuesday, April 10, 2018

White work wedding trip

My studio work is fairly scattered at the moment - progressing lots of things things in small steps. I seem to have mostly white things on my work tables at the moment.

The edges, the fragments, the fraying, the fringes...

I am working on Mo's pennant and the words "i dream of a world where love is the answer"; hand stitching my heartbeat script onto a segment of the old wedding dress...

And also editioning the posters for the conference. Here I am embossing our decklededge press mark onto the bottom of each piece.

And here I am writing the edition number and title on each piece. One down, 29 to go (plus some APs). Thanks to Barry for the photographs.

We have also just spent a long weekend in Townsville in far north Queensland for a family wedding. We were lucky enough to also see some lovely art out about and around the place and I really liked these ceramics - part of the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery collection.

Cecily Willis, Flame, 2015
Mollie Bosworth, Tracing Time, 2005
Gwynn Hanssen Pigott, Still life with flared bowls, 1995
I think that final composition is sublime - so restful, peaceful and overflowing with contentment...


  1. love seeing this peek of your pennant and the work in that last photograph is indeed sublime!

    1. Yes Mo - I am progressing the pennant! I just loved that composition of vessels - made my heart slow right down...

  2. I have always been a sucker for white on white, so there is a lot to love in this post.... your blind embossed logo, the exquisite ceramic grouping with its shades and shadows, and the textural stitching in your pennant letters...really compelling!

    1. Ahh white on white is so beautiful I think - always good to have kindred spirits! Quite a mix here; I really love the embossed logo, and I am enjoying the stitching...


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