Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The proof is...

A little moment through the week proved to me just why we proof.

I have been preparing sets of four postcards with the idea of selling them.  The postcards are based on the little idea I had back here - postcards with a quick message to touch base with folk; the handwritten note.

In parallel to the postcard idea, a friend gave me a huge stash of carbon paper - such a nice blue - but it just sat in the studio waiting for me to work out what I could use it for.

And then I saw where somebody was using carbon paper to proof their texts.  Amazing.

I love it because it saves time, it saves ink, it saves cleaning up and it saves mistakes.  It is so quick and easy to do. So simple, I have metaphorically kick myself a few times that I didn't make the connection between my pile of carbon paper and proofing opportunities myself!

I am nonetheless grateful that I have now.

I quickly pull together my wooden type in the phrase I am after, then I place the carbon paper on top of the type - but with the carbon facing upwards (not touching the type).  Then I put a scrap piece of paper over the top and rub the paper with my hand or a baren, or roll over it with a brayer.  But mostly I just rub my thumb over it vigorously.

Here I was working out if/how to use the three dots (ellipsis) I often use when I write.  Because my type collection is a bit random and you take what you can when you can with wooden type, I don't actually have three full stops the same size.  So I was working from small to large or large to small.

Barry and I decided in the end that I should leave the dots out as they were too distracting, so I rearranged the type into a simpler presentation. Proofing really helped the decision.

I really like the marks left on the carbon paper and the tale they tell.

A lot of folk who have received emails from me will know that I often title it "just checking" or "just checkin' ", so I decided that would be one of my postcards.

And this my friends, is the real reason why you proof!

Cute huh?

The lovely carbon paper remainder.

 And the fix.

Hopefully I will get to print the sets later this week and all things being equal will manage to get them onto the shop sometime soon.

Just playing with these simple cards has also given me ideas about bigger and deeper works I could do along these lines. It is always nice when one thing opens the door to another thing...


  1. Interesting. Love the blue.Also really like your mistake. So good to see what you do.

    1. The blue is stunning isn't it Penny!?! And yes what a funny mistake to make. Go well.

  2. I use carbon paper for transferring drawings to cardboard for collagraph. Why on earth didn't I make the connection and use it to proof text. Thank you for sharing

    1. Me too Jac - I use it when needed for transferring drawings, but good grief how could I have missed the fabulous potential when proofing type?!?! So happy I found it, had to share it, go well.

  3. Maybe you should print your mistake - might be a bestseller!

    1. Thanks Jennifer- made me have another look and the irony of the mistake being in the words it is is fabulous!

    2. I thought much the same thing ... it's wonderfully wry when intentional

  4. oh yes, that blue is gorgeous indeed and I also like the marks on the carbon paper. They will surely find their way in a new piece of art in future !

  5. This is precisely why I love process posts ... even if there isn't a direct correlation, so often the discoveries of others have the potential open up new ways of looking at my own "pantry" of stuff.


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