Sunday, May 6, 2018

Peace emerges...

I mentioned here and here and here about some work from a few years ago that had begun to fall apart in a gentle way. The tape just wouldn't hold. Yet some tape did. So I was struggling with what to do with the ones that had come adrift.

I began to design what I chose to call book-ets. They are more substantial than a booklet; not quite as solid as a book I felt, so book-ets they became.

I made a prototype, because I wasn't really sure if my ideas would work.

Here I was testing where the holes would be and in which direction the thread loop should go - vertical or horizontal.

Testing some fabulous tape to see if it would hold the threads down.

And thinking - there could be something in this, it feels like it might work out.

And so, the final book-ets. The light wasn't great when I photographed them, but here goes.

Closed and held.

First side cover open.

Second opening.

Third opening.

The first page turned.

The next,

And the next,

and the next.

The final page with my mark.

Fully open.

A lovely stack.

And here they are.

The words are different in each.

1. Let peace be a daily conversation
2. We dream of peace and peace dreams of us
3. Peace is fragile, tend it gently and daily
4. Dwell with peace in your spirit and your mind
5. Every new breath allows peace to be born anew

In some of them you can see the marks that show their previous life - where tape had been and had fallen away; or where I removed it to create the set of five. I am OK with that; it is part of their story and part of the story of peace needing to be born anew...

I feel a sense of deep satisfaction in their coming into being; and the way in which they now inhabit the world.  I worked hard to find an elegant solution and I think I achieved it.

Into my shop soon I hope...


  1. You can be proud ! I am glad you have found this elegant solution for them, Fiona !Persistence pays off! Annick

    1. Thanks Annick! Lots of quiet persistence brought them into being...

  2. such an elegant resolve, love how each book has a different text for peace

    1. They make a lovely gathering Mo - and feel good in the hand.

  3. So fragile. Delicate. And their story and message us mended on continues to thrive.

    1. Thanks Kim; they are nice to hold and gently turn...

  4. Oh my oh my. Really beautiful, Fiona.

  5. F - great outcome and beautiful way to promote peace. B

    1. Thanks B - quietly and gently and persistently...

  6. absolutely beautiful. how can something so subtle also be so powerful?

    1. Thank you so much Dee - precious words indeed.


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