Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Its funny how one moment leads to another moment and before you know it you have been whisked off an archeological dig though your photographs...

I walked out the front door this morning and looked down at this heart. This heart in Autumn...

We had bought it on a recent trip to Townsville and wondered where we might hang it (it came with a ribbon). We decided we would start by just placing it against the wall outside our front door - I liked the idea of seeing the heart each time I left the house.

And my mind turned to hearts and how much I enjoy discovering them along the way...altho I don't really use them in my artwork at all.

This fabulous one was on Waiheke Island. The sculptures are in a private home setting and we could view the back; and not the front. But I really liked the back!

This stone heart is in a wall along the Castle in Krakow, Poland.

This one IhtinkI have shown before, but isn't it gorgeous/ On a corner of a wall in Warsaw, Poland.

Part of a headstone at a cemetery on the far north of Scotland

A Headstone at Bettyhill, Scotland.

I love that hearts can be wrought in gates - functional items made beautiful. Castletown, Scotland

And in walls in Singapore...

And just as beautiful sculpture - Noguchi in New York.

 A little whirl around the world with hearts. I like that there are hearts everywhere.


  1. I love your hearts-compilation!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Thanks Moni - I think I need to go searching for more!

  2. Love all these hearts you have found along the way especially the heart with the lichens on that headstone at Bettyhill in Scotland, what a beauty!

    1. So soft and weathered Mo - a real stunner. Go well.

  3. Love all these hearts Fiona ...... great that you photograph them on your travels. I have a tendency to photograph tree hearts .... and one day will trawl through the thousand of photographs on line and 'folder' them. My favourite is the heart at your front door - not to mention those beautiful hearts inside your home :-)

    1. Thanks Susan! It always intrigues me how our eyes start to see and find things we have kind of decided to look for...The one at the door is beautiful and simple isn't it - and a lovely daily reminder...


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