Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Value adding?

I think most of us use and re-use materials in our work. I am pretty sure we nearly all try not waste things. And so it was that I looked at the scraps of final prints I had done on my sampler, the ones where I was trying to remove the ink from the type before cleaning, and I thought they could become notebook covers.

They are small, they are handy for popping into a bag. They are stitched with the simplest of pamphlet stitches. They are not made with precious paper. They really are scrapbook notebooks.

And I like them in their humble, unassuming way.

The light on one of the presses was lovely this morning.

Some are stitched with tails out, others with tails in.

They play nicely together as a group.

Ahh, that light...

And then when the scraps were even smaller I printed some thank yous on them and cut them down into coasters for the studio. Not beautiful, yet practical!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Both! Eli

    1. Thanks Eli - that's very kind. I think the cut off nature of the print makes them more interesting when cut down like this - I like the partial story they tell...and they are both functional! Go well.

  2. black, yellow and red also happen to be the 3colours in the Belgian flag. Funny. But really well done ! Annick

    1. That's fun Annick! Belgium did well in the World Cup!


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