Sunday, August 26, 2018

Deckled Edge Press

I often get a bit bamboozled about social media, promotion and who sees what and where!

Barry and I send a joint newsletter every few months and our most recent one launched our new joint printing venture - Deckled Edge Press.

Here is a link to our newsletter! You an sign up to receive it over in the sidebar; and if you'd also like to receive the DEP newsletter - subscribe not eh website.

I also started an Instagram account for Deckled Edge Press and have been doing daily posts over there.

But then of course I realised, that a) not everybody gets our newsletter and b) not everybody would know where we were on Instagram. So here I am on another social media platform letting the folk here know we've launched a new website and venture together!

Good grief!

We'd love you to link through and have look at the site and enjoy the bits and pieces we do over there.

There is a small shop space which at the moment has our set of four Staying in Touch postcards for sale (free shipping!).

And we will also be running another Introduction to Letterpress Workshop in November if folk are interested. See details here...

Whilst we both work independently as artists; it is wonderful to work together in an area we both love.  As we say on the website:

Both of us believe strongly in fairness and equality and are committed to working towards peace. Much of our work is based around these themes and letterpress printing, with its history of democratising the written word and protest posters, is a perfect companion for expression of our social justice values.
We make mostly small editions, with a love for the written word, poetry and the odd slogan.

What we do:

Deckled Edge Press is a small home-based press, where we work together and print small editions of booklets, poetry, posters, post cards and other offerings, nearly always with a social justice message.

We believe in the power of print to share these messages of support and inspiration and love working together on them.


  1. love the B&W photos & the new website is sleek!

    1. Thanks so much Mo - it will be a fine addition to our art and work we hope; we certainly both enjoy it! Go well.

  2. I admire your attention to multiple social media sites ... I can barely keep up with blog-land!

    And that first font is a beauty ...

    1. Thanks Liz - I am not really very good at keeping up with things - more like I pop here then there; but am hoping I can make the story go along nicely... I agree about that font as well - but it is one of my very few 'name unknown' s. Shall keep on searching. Go well.


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