Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

Art is about what religion’s about, getting you airborne. Getting you out of this box, which is life, into the expanding universe –which is what everybody wants. 

Rosalie Gascoigne

I take or leave the link the religion, but I think Rosalie has it sorted about art being about getting you up and out.

I think her use of airborne is lovely - the idea of being elevated, lifted up, carried away...

Life can be good, and it can be dull, and it can be wonderful...but the joy of art being able to take you up and out into an expanding universe beyond the everyday is marvellous I think. An expanding universe reminding us that things continue to go forward, to grow, to change and that art encourages and supports that.

Carl Milles, Millesgarden Stockholm, 2017.


  1. the picture expresses exactly the idea of getting airborne !

    1. Thanks Annick! I searched for a while for something that felt right.

  2. I love your Thursday thoughts!

    1. Glad you enjoy Mo - I enjoy the quiet moments pondering too. Go well.


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