Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stitches and Covers

Slowly slowly these books progress. I am grabbing moments in between times to do a little something with them.  Recently I managed to stitch the sections together; that seemed like a major achievement!

I then began pondering the covers. Despite having thought of the hard covers, I decided I'd also try some soft covers.

I thought they looked a bit dull; and wondered what I could do with them to make them a little bit more interesting.

I selected some really large wood type and thought I might be able to deboss them using the proofing press.

This type didn't work out for some reason; but I tried another one and that worked a bit better.

So - now I have to attach the covers and am still testing out a few ideas even for that part.

I think I might still have some hard covers in me, so will attempt them at some point; altho the next few weeks are not looking like they will offer much time in the studio sadly.

In between times I did manage to make a lovely frock!


  1. Oh, I do love the "E" in the pass that didn't work out ... and your dress is simply elegant

    1. It is the most beautiful,l delightful, and delectable of typefaces Liz - I adore it from A-Z!

  2. love the debossing of ODE and the new frock is fabulous, take a photo of you wearing it soon!

    1. I was thrilled with how the debossing worked out - very me! And I will try to get the dress on soon - as Spring arrives I think it will be the perfect time. Go well!


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