Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A last little bit with letters

Before we headed off form the Highlands, we had one of the most beautiful days.  After misty and mizzly days, we woke to a clear sky. The wind stayed down and the big blue sky stayed all day.

One of our neighbours said the old folk used the expression "a day between weathers" to describe it, and it was perfectly so.

Which worked for me because I had hoped to be able to touch up the sign to the Armadale Beach  before we left and I thought I had missed my chance.

So over I went and using a rather dodgy and el cheapo paintbrush touched up the sign so it can be slightly more visible for folk. I had checked with locals that it was OK to do it before I began...

It was beautifully weathered, but not all that functional.

So my 'tools' were laid out next to me...

And my 'ladder' was placed beneath the signpost (OH&S nightmare for sure).

You can begin to see the contrast between the old and the new. And that sky!!!!!!!

One side finished.

No shots of the other side because it was right into the sun.

It was so bright, it was bizarre.  But you can now read the sign from a distance which we hope will help guide folk more easily to the beautiful beautiful beach...

It feels nice to have been able to contribute a very small wee thing to the village which has been so welcoming to us.

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