Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

“Everyone has their favourite books to be re read and re-read. Such things become talismans and love-tokens, even personality indicators, the truly bookish will mate on the strength of a spine.” 

Jeanette Winterson.

I can't stay away from Ms Winterson when I am pondering books it seems.

In complete agreement with her, I really do think that folk have their favourites which can breed and re-read and utterly enjoyed time and time again.  That there are books we turn to when we are poorly; or need to be sad, or when we need to be cheered up.

The notion of books being personality indicators - I love it!  Rather than do all the psychometric testing simply tell us your favourite books or let us look at you book cases...

I must admit I fear what would emerge from a test like that for me (I am eclectic if nothing else). And what a great final line - I haven't heard of it happening, but am sure that it could!

Old bedhead in a shed...hearts and love and a love-token maybe.


  1. am currently rereading Margaret Atwood, love her exquisitely pointed intellect.

  2. There is such truth in this. I find myself sighing in contentment.


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