Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Thoughts...

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” 

Albert Einstein

How lovely to think that all of us making and creating are simply giving permission for our intelligence to pop out and have fun!

Perhaps Einstein is trying to sort out the difference between left and right brains - that the left brain is more structured and ordered and the right more about making connections and forming new ideas? I never think of creativity as being less than intelligence - the way people create meaning and share messages is often highly intellectual and highly skilled.

Nonetheless I do like the idea that at times, its like letting your left brain off the leash and heading off and having fun!

In a friend's garden...


  1. "Drawing on our experience and knowledge, we dreamed of our place in the world and imagined the future into being."
    The Legacy : An Elder's Vision for our Sustainable Future" by David Suzuki (p.11)

    1. So many wise people have such wonderful ways of putting these ideas Mo - thanks for sharing!


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