Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Threads rolled and ready

I managed to dry my threads and then began to wrap and roll them onto my lovely old square pegs.

I thought I'd use some brown paper and write some tags as well - the whole production thing had me in its thrall and I was going all out!

The rosemary leaves...

The paleness of the red crucifix orchids...

The coffee!!

The rosemary flowers after dipping in iron (rust)...

On the flight to Melbourne I kept winding the threads - the violets and the comfrey.

 And by the time we got home I had them all rolled and ready to stitch! I had thrown some extra cottons into the remnants of the violets and the coffee and have since pulled them out and dried them, and the time has come for another flight on which to wrap and roll them.

When we were in Melbourne we came across this version of the Fearless Girl - a tad controversial in a few ways; but just looking at her standing there like that, I do love her, and just wanted to say "go girl!"


  1. I love these and the lettering is so lovely !

    1. Thanks Annick - the whole thing has been delightful so far!

  2. love the contrast of the pedestrian sans serif "FASTEN SEAT BELT" lettering with your softly serifed and shadowed labels ... what a wonderful collage they would make someday

    1. An intriguing contrast to have noticed Liz. Also something about the practical and the prosaic and the whimsical and beautiful perhaps...


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