Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

"One eye sees, the other feels".  

Paul Klee

I got a small smile upon my face when I read these words.  I thought to myself - yeah, that's kinda right isn't it?

Perhaps its simply another way of considering our duality - our logical and our motional; our analytical and our intuitive; our left brain and our right brain; our yin and our yang...

It felt right for a painter to use the eyes to describe it tho; and to turn things upside down with the senses by having one of our eyes feeling, not seeing.

I like how it suggests that when we view art we are both seeing and feeling; and that by virtue of viewing, it is our eyes that are also feeling. Fun!

In its upside way it made perfect sense to me and made me feel balanced.

Detail of Andy Goldsworthy work, National Museum of Scotland 2016.


  1. what a beautiful thought and post!

  2. I am going to see a hand-stitch exhibit today ... I will carry this thought with me ...

    1. I hope your eyes enjoyed their wander Liz...seeing and feeling.


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