Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

“What was home, anyway, and what was away? What I knew was this: I was most at home when reading, when being taken away by words”. 

Nam Le

This week my pondering for Thursday Thoughts turn towards books; and yet by virtue of this quote I am easily linking to one of my other subjects 'life'.

And also my third rotational subject 'art'.

I am considering home and away, here and there, and what it means for me as I make and create Art at the moment.  And Life is so very much about home isn't it? And well Books, they most definitely feel like home to me, so this wee one is a bit of a trifecta.

However, I took the book angle mostly and feel as if I would like to write the most beautiful of essays on how much books feel like home to me.  How they feel as if I belong. How they make me feel safe and secure. How they comfort me and nurture me.

Books do all of the things that a home does - and they are also portable; I can take them with me and always feel 'at home'.

And then as Nam Le says - the words take you away.

So is it the sense of being taking away that most feels like home?

Home and Away...


  1. (((Fiona))) I look forward to reading your essay about how books bring you home!

    1. Thanks Mo - there is much pondering to do on this as we head to the may end up being a short poem, but some thoughts, noted and considered, there will be...


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