Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Finishing, beginning and in between...

I am trying to get through a bunch of small-medium tasks in the next wee while.

I managed to finish my peace weather grams - popped holes in the top and threaded the string for hanging.


In between times we had visitors and the weather was grand.

And we all had fun working/playing with Barry - I made a bowl!

And of course, popped some rust in it too.

I began thinking of what I might wrap my threads on when they are finished being solar-dyed. The answer was these square pegs.

 I also began to plan the stitching for this edition of books - a sample of the printed cover.

Some options to choose from..

Lots of things going this way and that - finishing, beginning and in between times...


  1. Oh I really would love to come visit but not possible I am afraid. All looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Penny - there has been plenty of variety of late!

  2. (((Fiona))) you & Barry have made such a beautiful home, love all those square pegs, the round hole of the rusty washer and your weathergrams for Peace are needed more than ever this year!

    1. The house does look good at the moment Mo - the gardens are holding well without rampant summer growth happening! Lots of little moments of loveliness abound and yes we shall send forth peace weathergrams far and wide this year - we need them so much!!!


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