Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

“I’m using tons of steel to make the situation look lighter”. 

Richard Serra

What a way to think about it.  I have pondered this one a bit, this way and that, and can't really quite pin point what I think he might mean!  Enigmatic perhaps?

Perhaps Richard Serra is suggesting that with the presence of huge amounts of steel; everything else is in sharp relief and that by virtue of the steel's heaviness; the rest appears lighter?

I can only think that he is referring to the space around the steel; the context in which the steel is placed, the counter space, or the negative space?

But then he refers to making the situation look lighter and I am left wondering all over again.

Whatever he meant here, I am grateful that he makes his work - stunning, inspirational, breathtaking and awesome.  I have felt very restful and calm in the presence of his work; so perhaps that's all it is - he wants us to feel lighter...

Richard Serra, New York, 2013.


  1. his sense of line, weight and form hold such grace

  2. F - maybe it is about the simplicity and as you say the space between and around the pieces. Beautiful work - rust and simple forms. B

    1. The quietness is in the space between I beautiful and calm.


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