Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

“Things will be far worse than they are now. And far better. I wait.” 

Charles Bukowski

At times I am not sure I can bear the thought he starts with here; that things will be far worse.

I think it is the use of far worse the frightens me - make is sound as if things will get really really bad really bad.  Perhaps they will.

And yet the thought is balanced by the notion of things getting far better, which I can barely imagine - things seem pretty good now.  I wonder why use of the descriptor 'far' has such an impact on me?  Why can I get so easily aroused by fear of things being far worse, and be left barely able to imagine far better? hmmmm.

In part it is probably because I am not a person of great highs or lows; I am rarely in high alt as they say, nor deeply dark and down.  I prefer the steady as she goes approach with minor variations.

I do however like that last sentence.

I wait.

It describes the truism that yes things will change, and that they will take time, and in time, they will be changed, so I wait.

A collaborative piece by NightLadder Collective, 2019.


  1. Life is a see-saw and the only thing to hang onto if you are in despair, grieving or in pain is that it can and will get better. That's how I read it. Keeping the see-saw level most of the time is certainly best!

    1. I love the visual of a balanced see saw, and the feeling of teetering up or down; and that sense of flying high or bumping on the dirt - brilliant thank you!

  2. there is always hope even in these very dark days for our beautiful broken world

    1. Indeed there is Mo - you can find it in the small places and spaces, and then watch it grow...I hope. Go well


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