Sunday, July 21, 2019

A beautiful commission

I was recently asked to make a book for a person's 80th birthday.  The person knows my work and loves books, so we started out on the commission journey thinking about a book to make.

When the commissioner arrived at the studio to look at a variety of books and styles and presentation, we wandered around a bit, and then, perfectly, landed on one of my Under Construction books.

The person felt it would be perfect, so that was lovely.  You know those moments when you can feel that this is it, this is right? When the person keeps circling back to it?

So I had thought that's grand, I shall be able to wrap and pack and send it on its way.  But the commissioner wanted an inscription.

I was a tad fearful as the frontispiece page had been glued down and I am never sure how ink will react with paper after period of time etc etc. And the photo below is the answer to a question I had.

I had readied myself for some very tiny, fine writing with pencils of all shades of brown...

But didn't need to.

The quote reads:

Fragile running stitches
Stems and twine bound together
Nurtured with a kiss

I asked the commissioner to send me the words they wanted inscribed and they duly returned them to me.

And so I practised.

Always measuring, testing height, and width, and starting points, as well as paper, ink and script...

Getting there...

 With a bit of light on it.

The book before I handed it over and the commissioner wrote their words own on it as well.

I was pleased with how it worked out and hope the new owner can feel the love that and care that went into the selection of the work, and the chosen words...


  1. F - I am amazed just how much care and practice goes into your work. B

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mo - the lettering suited the sentiments well!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Dina - it was a lovely gift and coming together of things

  4. I would have chosen that book too....I just love it. Your inscription is so carefully and exquisitely wrought, it opens that empty place of beauty inside my heart.

    1. That is so beautiful Dana - thank you. The lettering and the words were meant for each other I think. It was a beautiful inscription as we spoke about nests and home and nurture...

  5. this is beautiful, peaceful but fulfilled


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