Thursday, July 4, 2019

Thursday thoughts...

"Reading is a life-long collision with minds not like your own". 

Jeanette Winterson

Ah, perhaps a slightly more action-oriented description of reading than might come to mind initially; but perhaps it describes something more than a coming together, or an association with, or an intersection even.

Ms Winterson's work  is so full of vitality and energy that it shouldn't surprise me she would think about reading like this. It isn't passive, it isn't always just a romantic, gentle flow; it can knock your socks off!

In some ways the image that comes to mind is the ricochet of a pin ball machine. Not that I have ever really played one, but I get the sense the levers push the ball around and it bounces off the sides and tops and the bottom. Constantly colliding in order to stay alive; stay relevant.

When I read, I am often in awe of the way people can analyse things, pare them back, express them; or imagine them and it is a lovely adventure to meet and collide with so many different minds!

Brooklyn Art Library, 2013 - a collisions of so many beautiful minds!!!


  1. Generally I read books that encourage connections rather than the differences shared between us human beings however I have collided with Jeanette Winterson, having read but not really engaged with any of her books!

    1. So interesting Mo! I think I thought about the collisions as leading to connections; but they do seem far more stressful than connections just as they are... I think she has a huge mind and have mostly enjoyed her autobiographical work and I still have Oranges are not the only fruit and written on the body on my bookshelf after I don't know how many years - they made an impact decades ago...I think connection is better than collision; but occasionally collision can lead to connection! Go well.


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