Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

“The writing is in the sequence of the signs. This is the one thing we can’t change. The experience is the sequence. The experience is not in any one moment of perception, but in the movement through the sequence from beginning to end, at our own speed, with interruptions. At the beginning of each sentence we are projected towards the end. At the end we have the momentum of the beginning. Same with the paragraph, same with the chapter, same with the whole book, maybe the trilogy. The beginning requires the end, the end the beginning. We are locked into a journey”. 

Tim Parks

The further I get into my life as a book artist, the more I think about the why?  I think about what is the point? Where am I taking you? What is the payoff for you spending time turning pages in my book?

And as I ponder narrative these words about sequence resonate. The notion that a codex book has only one moment in front of us. That the past is behind (we have turned that page) and the future awaits (when we turn that page). All we have right here and now is the present. That page in front of us.

Reading the sequence of words and pages is deeply embedded in my psyche I think and the rhythm of it, the deeply held understanding of the rewards of reading, all of these things come together as I read an artists' book. Subliminally at first, but as I understand more about what I am attempting, the more they surface.

The wonder described here of propulsion from beginning to end to new beginning is so beautifully wrought.

This is where I got to with this wee book.  There was no point it simply being a collection of images and words contained within covers.  It needed to say something more, simply because it was a book!  And this is what I hoped for, that we could all be a voice for these women...


  1. I love the intimacy of scale, how a book has to be touched to be read

    1. They are so personala ren't they Mo? You just can't keep them at a distance!


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