Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hidden extras from Fibres West

At the end of the week each of the classes at Fibres West presents their work.  It is always an amazing and stunning display of what people have achieved through the week.

I visited each of the other classes' work and managed to get some photos from half of them (don't ask me what I was doing for the rest of the time - brain freeze apparently).

Here are a few favourite images from those I managed to photograph - apologies for no attribution.

Click here for the tutor's and workshop information.

This piece is from Alysn's class - heat applied to stainless steel fabric I think.

Some of the brushes made in Lorna's class.

Some marks from Lorna's class I think!

Some sculptural pieces from Mo's class.

Fabulous felting from Eva's class.

On the drive back to Perth we detoured to look at the silo murals in Northam  and I loved these ones.

A wonderful art-filled week!


  1. what a wonderfully whimsical mural!

  2. wow, jealous I wasn't one of the participants ! I received your 'pockets are political' poster today. It's lovely and over the moon with it. It sure will get a special place in my work space. Also thanks for the tiny note with sweet and kind words.And another thank you for willing to send it so far, across the ocean. Much appreciated ! hugs, Annick


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