Sunday, February 21, 2021

January done!

 I know it's mid-late February but I was happy to finally finish my Covid diary's hand-stitched, January handkerchief earlier in the week.

I love the process of sitting and stitching but do find that it is very slow. Or I am very slow. Whichever it is, I certainly don't get to stitch each day; yet I thoroughly enjoy the stitching as I sit, accompanied by Series 5 & 6, so far, of the West Wing.  

Here I am beginning the final diary entry for the month.

A close up of the last entry - NZ travel bubble re-opens.

The finished, unironed hanky.

Some more of the entries.

After ironing away the purple pen I use for writing. The very pale grey thread almost disappeared. Especially when set against  dark grey rug; but when I put it against a white background it is legible so that was a relief after all that work!

This hankie was so very, very fine.

It looks lovely with crinkles and shadows, and makes a great start to the year of stitching and recording. So many small things happen, so many big things happen, so much happens that I know I would have struggled to recall if I hadn't stopped to mark the moments somehow.

And now February begins.

Already I am finding this weave firmer and I think the stitching is looking much better as a result. Onwards!


  1. (((Fiona))) such an elegant honouring of time

    1. Thank you Mo and apologies for the late reply; life. It is such a thoroughly satisfying project as well - just wish I could find more time to simply sit and stitch.

  2. "and still she persisted" comes to mind ...

    1. Yes Liz, thanks for the reminder! She did and she does...


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