Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mist and mizzle

 Sunday morning has become a morning were we walk the long way around into town and have a coffee somewhere before walking back up the hill to home.

Today the cloud was low; and there were droplets in the air. We checked the radar and thought we could still go - if we put on our raincoats and maybe just did the short walk. We also reminded ourselves that we always walk in Scotland, whatever the weather and thought we shouldn't be wimps. Later on we remembered that we always have our waterproof troos on in Scotland as well! 

So after a week away by the water (with no making done, just lots of resting and reading) today is just about droplets from our walk.

A web in the mist.

A dropped coral flower startling against the black asphalt.

Industrial droplets.

Drops on feathery grass head.

Maroon and hot pink combo.

More drops on weeds...

I loved the blurred view of the inside of the agapanthus.

Pretty in pink.

 More industrial drops.

More aggies.

Sage leaves at our front door.

And a phalanopsis  orchid at the studio.  We were gifted this plant (in flower) back in June last year for the opening of the studio to the public.  It lasted several months, then we popped it in the ground outside the studio and were rewarded this year by its return. We are thrilled!

We tipped 55mm out of the rain gauge on return so there has been a bit of water, and as soon as the sun pops out again we'll be able to hear the weeds growing for sure.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.