Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A book that takes its own path

I began this book with a very clear idea of where I was going. I sat for ages and worked out the best design to accommodate the cut outs that I wanted to include and made a few mock-ups. The cut outs were the focus.

I then worked a bit on the imagery, and decided that I just wanted a little something in the background to support the images in the cut-outs. I chose the maps I wanted to use and print and merrily went and made the backgrounds.

Then the whole thing changed and the pages told me they wanted to be something else; that they needed other colours and other approaches to support them. I was betwixt and bewitched!

Unfolding before my very eyes was a totally different book with a new story and new demands.

Here are the pages that told me to do something different with them; the beginning. I am now fiddling with what they need to support them and shall reveal their new story as it is unveiled to me.

For those of you who thought you might see Thursdays thoughts with daffodils, I apologise (my fingers flew to the wrong button as I prepared Thursday's post and for a short time my thumbnail on other's blogs was daffodils - come back on Thursday to see them!)


  1. Fiona, I like the beginnings of this book, and I like that it has a mind of its own regarding its true path, and that you have the grace to follow where it will take you - and best of all, that we get to come along on the journey!

  2. Artists have to go where the work takes them. I love maps! and I have been to your tumblr pages-- wonderful images there.

  3. I wish these pages were right here in front of me. I have always loved maps. Last weekend, I went to a pub that I had never been in before and discovered they have papered their whole ceiling in maps! It looks wonderful. Would be even better viewed from the floor.....but I didn't! Interested to see your next stages with this project.

  4. Can't wait to see the result Fiona....the joy is stepping back and allowing it all to unfold! You'll be the first to know where the piece wants go and when!!! What fun!

  5. I was hooked the moment you mentioned maps Fiona. I wouldn't say I was obsessed with them but.... actually I have lots of them but then can't bear to part with them and use them in a piece of work no matter how appropriate . I love that you are doing the opposite and listening to the inner voice that argues for a change of plan. Go with the flow and please share the final outcome! Lesley

  6. don't you love it when this happens, the work takes you along for the creation? wonderful!

  7. G/TT - it has taken me even weirder places today - I am constantly beside myself going - now what? Oh wow! and so on.

    Thanks Donna - I like the tumblr images too - it's a place of calm inspiration for me.

    Oh Annie I love the idea o f the ceiling at the pub and how they would be best viewed from the floor - brilliant! I know the thing about maps...they are fascinating aren' they?

    Thanks Patti - unfolding is right; and this is really one of those pieces where it has a complete mind of it's own. I'm kind of fascinated by the whole process I must admit.

    Thanks Lesley - a wealth of map-o-philes (cartaphiles?) are appearing - they are so delicious in their markings and their meanings...and the inner voice is almost moving my hands and giving directions!

    So true Velma, I almost feel like a passenger here; the voice is quite insistent and loud at times.


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