Friday, January 28, 2011

A new website!

Today is an auspicious day. After much investigating, researching, exploring, and testing of ideas and options, our new websites have gone live.

My brother and his partner helped in the initial install of software templates, I went on to design and build them, and we got help from a friend's friend to manage the last little bits that had me frozen in fear. I am really pleased that we were able to design and build them for about 3% of the cost we were quoted to have them built for us.

We have been trying to think through and analyse how we wish to use the different platforms that are available for  sales and promotion of our art.  Our new business identity and cards are important for face to face encounters and for leaving with people as reminders of us and our work. Our blurb books are good to leave with galleries and the like to flick through our work in hard copy. Our blogs are brilliant ways to build connections and have conversations about our art; and our websites are the places where we showcase our work in one place.

At least for now that's how we are thinking about it!

You will find a link to my website at the top of the right hand column - just click on the image and away you go. You can see Barry's website here.

In the end, we decided that when you visit an artist's website you want to see their art, so that is the focus of our sites. We also wanted them to look professional and I think we achieved that as well. You can also link back to this blog from the website, so we have tried to keep our worlds connected.

The other reason today is auspicious is that 5 years ago (the day, Friday) we left our safe and secure jobs in the public sector and escaped to our mountain top. It was lovely to launch our art websites and see how much we have done, how far we have come since we left. Oh, and the other auspicious occasion - it's our wedding anniversary!

Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcomed - I expect we'll be tinkering a bit in the weeks to come.

©Fiona Dempster, Silences


  1. Congratulations, Fiona, on so many things! The wedding anniversary, moving to your mountain, and the web site, which is beautiful, elegant and full of your wonderful art. Now I'm off to look at Barry's site.

  2. Wow - what an auspicious day - Congrats on all levels - all good descisions xoxoxoxo

  3. big kudos to you (both). things look so beautiful.

  4. Beautifully done site and work. One thing, have the link from the navigation bar on the blog go straight to the website just like the link from the website goes to the blog. The intermediary page on the blog can be confuzzeling as my daughter would say.

    Cheers, Peter

  5. hello Fiona :)
    Congratulations on soooo many accounts!! i am always in awe of artists who decide to leave their day job to pursue their passion ... that is a dream come true. especially when you live is such a beautiful and inspirational home :)

    luthien :)

  6. Fiona, I am so happy to know how far you and Barry have come in five years, as Brian and I are on a similar course though still in our first year! Sounds like you have the business side of the working-artist life figured out, which is the hardest part I think for most creative types. Showing a professional face, having targeted promotional materials and venues to display your work is what it's all about! It doesn't happen by magic - though there is often a bit of luck involved - it's part of our work to make ourselves available and appealing to the world out there if we want our artworks ever to leave our studios! Congratulations, and thank you. You inspire.

  7. Big congratulations to you both! Since commenting over on Barry's blog, I've now checked out both websites....very impressive! Beautiful, clean and elegant and perfect showcases for your work. Happy anniversary and bravo to you both for letting go of the secure life to making a new one focusing on your art.
    You've come a long way, I'm sure and cheers to you for more wonderful things to happen in the next five years!

  8. noice one (or two or three or four) fiona!

  9. Kudos on a fine, new website Fiona! it is a quiet, peaceful, and inspiring rest stop on the Internet super highway. Congratulations to you and Barry on your anniversary!

  10. congratulations Fiona...the site looks more than is true the way the art is showcased and highlighted..a major accomplishment and a huge amount of work yielded a very impressive website. Congratulations on your anniversary and all the other reasons for celebration..enjoy!

  11. Congrats Fiona! Your new website looks fantastic.

  12. Thanks all - it's great to hear your thoughts and feedback.

    Carol - I hope you enjoyed them both!

    N- yes good decisions all round and no regrets...

    Thanks Velma - little by little we'll get there

    Peter - thank you; I think I'll probably delete that tab as I tried to configure it to go directly to the website but couldn't (but its been a big day and I haven't yet done it!)

    Luthien - thanks so much; we left our day job security to do other work-work and develop our art - not the total transfer to art but lots more of it which has been grand.

    TT/G - Thank you' it's been a wonderful journey (altho we have had the grace to do other work-work to support us a bit as well). It's so true that we have to find ways for our art to meet people who might wish to buy it - strangely enough it doesn't sell or get to be loved just by sitting in your studio!

    LDV/K & Ronnie - yes noice it is and thanks!

    Jane - I'm glad you found it a nice quiet, restful place - it does that for me.

    Thanks Lisa - we did enjoy and celebrate - life is good!

    Kim - thank you, it comes about after lots of pondering and putting together, but I'm really pleased!

  13. Enjoying your blog today. Some of the incense burning, teabagging and encaustic are similar to bits and pieces I have been playing with.

  14. Congratulations Fiona on such a beautiful web site, and such beautiful work to fill it with! I usually visit Barry's blog, but I see I shall have to visit yours as well more frequently...what wonderful people you both are, so talented and just a lovely couple...I wish you all the best!

  15. Jackie - thanks for stopping by; you have a lot of interesting things going on over at your blog as well!

    OTL - thanks for the comments re the website, and I'm glad you popped on over after visiting Barry!

  16. Fiona, I love the website! The colors are calming and polished. The photography beautiful! It represents your work wonderfully. You should be proud!

  17. Thanks Jo - I'm glad it seems peaceful, quiet and calm and thanks for your compliments re the photography as well.


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