Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creativity - sometimes it flows

I don't know a better way to describe it than 'the flow'. I had a lovely day in the studio yesterday which reminded me of how important it is to be there every day, so that when these moments appear you can go with them.  I have committed to spend time in the studio every day - grabbing a moment here or there if needed, but also making sure I spend good chunks of time there as well.

I think Friday showed that some of the lead up work you do - looking about you, thinking about things, getting late night insights and so on can come together in the moment and allow you to create. It just happened, a few little connections were made in my mind - what about, why don't I try, and oh that's an idea...and off we went.

The results was these small squares of embossed paper - with journey-like marks appearing on them. I mounted them on foam core to give them some height.

They seem gentle and thoughtful pieces to me; so I tried them against several backgrounds, trying to imagine them matted and framed. Do you think the mood changes with the background? Do they deserve a dramatic statement or a gentle hard-to-see support? Do they need a contrast or to disappear?

I am reminded that even when the flow has been here, there are still lots of decisions to be made to bring a piece to being the best it can be. I guess sometimes that happens in the flow as well, but this time I've needed to stop and ponder.


  1. Beautiful mappish simplicity in your work and beautiful report of The Flow.

  2. Thanks Lesley - Simplicity speaks to me and I'm glad the sense of flow resonated with you. It's pure magic when it appears isn't it?

  3. I cast my vote for soft background, as they appear in the first photo - and I also love them mounted in a group because the lines make such lovely connections across the spaces between the four squares!

    I know what you mean about flow. I once spent a day on the couch watching documentaries on the History Channel, fretting that I should have been working on a poem in progress. The next day, I was taking a walk and saw something, which connected up with what I had watched on tv and it was almost all I could do to get back home and pour out the poem - one of those that come out whole with very little tweaking! So, you see, one is always "at work!"

  4. Fiona....these are delicate and magical...marking the traces. I think there are so many possibilities to be had with exploring the embossment and as for what background...well, I'm all about white on white! So beautiful. I admire your dedication to spending some time each day in the studio....knowing that whatever your pursuit, you are at work at deepest levels of your being!

  5. Yes, very delicate and so lovely. I've always had a thing for white on white-so subtle and yet dramatic.

  6. lovely pieces - and yes, I am all for the white on white as well - the difference in lighting and shadows creates enough contrast and 'point of difference' xoxoxoxoxo

  7. G/TT - thanks as ever, its great to know that so much of what we do and see can be absorbed subconsciously and made real in some other form without us controlling it.

    Patti - Thank you again, I like the little marks and traces and embossing white on white is like bliss to me.

    Jane - I love the white on white as well - fascinating isn't it? I wondered about white on black and drama; but the white on white calls me more!

    Noela - thanks! I'm glad you think the white on white offers enough to be soothes me just looking at it, but I'm not everybody!


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.