Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

A poem is a painting that is not seen. A painting is a poem that is not heard.
Phoebe Hesken

I think this description captures perfection in a poem or a painting.

When I read poems that enable me to be there, to experience or feel as if I'm there or seeing what they describe, I am amazed at the poet's brilliance.

With some paintings or images I get the sense that there is more than a story here; there is lyrical movement and poetry at play and my heart sings.

One poet who captures the essence of things and has me seeing her words as if I was there is Annie Kerr of Inkhaven. Annie is a talented musician as well as writer, and for the month of January has been participating in 'a river of stones' international small stones writing month. Each day she writes a small 'stone' pebble, or as I prefer, gem.

Even tho I am on the other side of the world to Annie - when I read her words, I feel as if I am there, experiencing and seeing what she sees. Her poems are paintings to me.

Two very different ones:

Linocut - number 8

Wet footprints walk down the bus.
Another set overlays.
Linocut pineapples.

Daffodils - number 18

buds push to escape wrappers
optimism on the table
a vase of gathering gold

Do go visit and discover some magic...

Photo by Petr Kratochvil


  1. love number 18... it is gathering gold

  2. Hi Fiona. Thanks so much for your positive words and for reposting a couple of my stones! I think the daffodils one is a favourite of mine. Thanks again. A x

  3. LDV/K- its beautiful isn't it?

    Annie - thanks for letting me share; the imagery of these two is really strong - yet they are so different. I have no hope of choosing only one favourite!

  4. Annie's words are paintings in my head and I'm so often moved by what she writes.

  5. ~i have seen these bits of these river stones from others but not this here lady you have shared...gorgeous words to start ones day...thank you for sharing...much love light and blessings be with you always~

  6. Thank you Fiona, Annie's words are beautiful. I enjoyed reading all 28 poems.

  7. Robyn/AP - so true - they ARE paintings aren't they? The image are so vivid.

    FW - glad you have discovered another beautiful 'stone-writer' they are special.

    Carol - I thought you'd enjoy them Carol - beautiful words, painting beautiful pictures.


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