Friday, March 11, 2011

Exhibition all set up

Well, we think we did it! Before Barry jetted off again to Darwin, Melville Island and Groote Eylandt this week, we managed to set up the exhibition.

It's always a daunting task to be faced with a space, and know that the task is to fill it and make it look beautiful and interesting. Luckily we work well together and there were no fights over "That's my plinth" "No, it's my plinth!". After a couple of hours of unpacking, fiddling, and moving around we left satisfied that we had done what we could.

At different times we had both worried that we wouldn't have enough work to fill it; at others we were assuming we would need to bring some home. In the end the amount we had seemed to be 'just right'.

I am always seeking a calm and quiet exhibition space - one that doesn't make you buzz as you look around; one that allows the pieces to breathe and quietly show their special qualities; one that doesn't look so busy and cluttered that you can't see the pieces.

We decided we would try to 'film' the space before it had people in it so that you could have a little walk around the gallery. Hilarious! Film makers we are not; but we used our phones to have a go. If you want to have a quick, grainy, slightly bumpy look around - please play the mini video below! It goes for about 3 minutes. Steve taught us how to load it, and his next challenge is to teach us how to a) film better and b) edit!


  1. Wow! It must give you such a sense of achievement to see all your work together in a gallery space after having put so much into it. You certainly have achieved a sense of calm and quiet in the way you have set everything up. Congratulations!

  2. yay! (and that cheer was just for surviving all the interstate travel... I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!)

    double yay for the exhibition!

  3. Well done - the show looks perfect - spaces are just right, and the video is brilliant - even the concentrated reflection of YOU adds to the 'story' xoxoxo

  4. Hi Robyn - thank you! I think we'll be OK; its another one of those weid times (like entering competitions) putting your work out htere nad syaing hey look at this...

    Ronnie - yay back - there's been a lot of energy burned up in the past weeks but its coming together!

    Noela - you are too kind! The video is hilarious and of course my special reflection here and there just adds to the sophistication of it all! Its nice to have a record of it as a quiet space - it might get crowded tomorrow (we hope!).

  5. Congratulations to both of you!
    Your "union" must be as close to perfect as it can possibly be; your works are the best testimony to that: crisp, dignified, beautiful!
    How I wish I could be there in person; thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to visit through your video!!!

  6. I was going to mention the reflection too! It really is wonderful to see so many of the works you and Barry have been featuring on your blogs over the past months gathered together in a gallery setting and looking so beautiful and balanced. Good job, both of you!

  7. Love the video, it's such a good way for those of us who can't get there to get a taste of the show. The work looks great and wishing you and Barry all the very best for the opening.

  8. It looks superb Fiona! Can't wait to get a closer look at each exquisite piece.

  9. Anna - thank you; we do work together well, and our works whilst quite different to each others also find a way to complement each other. We think!

    G/TT - ha ha! the reflection or two - just adds a personal touch right?!?!?! So funny - but for all the folk far away it seemed only fair to try and share somehow.

    Liz - glad you appreciated the funny little video - it helps give a sense of the space at least and the pieces together. And nice to be able to share across the miles...

    Jo - thank you - looking forward to catching up tonight! eek! Tonight!

  10. Congratulations Fiona and Barry! It's great to have the video - something about moving through the space conveys so much more.
    Good luck for the opening tonight. As your closest BAO-er I really wish I could make it up to see the show. Unfortunately it isn't possible, but I'll be thinking of you.

  11. Hi Amanda - I'm glad you could get a sense of it thru the wee video. I understand that you can't make it - I got tired just reading all your latest exploits and explorations - good luck with them all. When next in Brizvegas I'll be in touch!

  12. Hey Fiona,

    Congratulations both on the superb work. The works are nicely exhibited. I thought the reflections added a sureal self-portrait feel to the film.

    Just looking at Barry's little piece I have here in Tassie ... the junction of Maleny Stanley River Road & Mountainview Road ... I hope you sell heaps.

    Go well ... Go wild! x gb

  13. Oh, thank you for the video - though I found myself saying "just go back there for a sec" - it was very moreish and I loved it, especially your reflections. Seeing and appreciating the work you've both done over the past while, finally in your own exhibition space, is very satisfying for your keen readers. Well done, and all the best for the exhibition. xo

  14. It was so wonderful to be able to look at all the beautiful works. What a fantastic collection. I just realised that today is the day - all the best!

  15. It looks great, you worked hard and it is visible, and that from seeing only the video you made, wil only look better in real, have to go and see it.
    Lots of good luck to both of you.

  16. congratulations. i liked my tour, thank you for doing that. it looks quite good. again, congratulations!

  17. Looking forward to hearing all about the opening ... was thinking about you last night - in the middle of a TSO concert.

  18. Hi Gemma - thanks for the wishes - it was great night will ill you all in soon!

    Carol - yes the video skills have 'could be improved' written all over them; but a fun idea!

    Thank you Elaine - its nice to see the whole thing together and get a feel for it.

    Mieke - many thanks; hope you get the chance to pop in!

    Velma - glad you enjoyed the tour - its nice to share across the miles.


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