Sunday, March 13, 2011

journeys, places,marks & traces...opens

As we sit here, nodding into our keyboards, hoping to avoid the keys making a forceful impression on our foreheads as the heads drop closer and closer, we manage a quiet sense of satisfaction (and relief).

We had a wonderful time at our opening last night - surrounded by family and friends it was lovely to share and celebrate the culmination of a journey. Folk travelled from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and up and down the Sunshine Coast and hinterland to attend (and even Barry flew in from Darwin!).

There's not much else to say except a huge thank you to everybody who attended, and especially those who bought pieces (Noela, Mark, Jo, Tanya, Kim, David & Judy...).  It means a lot to us to share our work with folk who care; and lovely when pieces find new homes where they will be loved and appreciated. Thank you too to Jennifer and Richard of Studio4 Gallery - the gallery space is perfect and intimate for our work.

And a final big thank you to all the folk across the blogging world who connected with and supported us along the way. In a perfect world we would get to share these events in person everywhere (now that's a an amazing dream...) but we nonetheless know that we had plenty more friends out there wishing us well and we truly thank you.

Noela was 'official' photographer and took loads of lovely shots of us at play and enjoying ourselves - so here we are! Plenty more over at Barry's blog as well.

Jennifer Stiller, Studio4 Gallery welcomes everybody
Barry Smith and Fiona Dempster
Fiona Dempster and calligrapher Helen.
Fiona Dempster and calligrapher Tanya
Kim Schoenberger; proud owner of Finding my place...
Fiona Dempster and calligraphers Helen and Tanya
And just to let you know... details of all the exhibition pieces can also be found under the current exhibition gallery in the portfolio section of our websites:


  1. Sounds and looks great, and thanks Noela for taking pictures. If one can't be there in person this is a pretty fine way to be part. Congrats to you both, Fiona and Barry.

  2. It looks as though you had a wonderful evening. Congratulations.

  3. It was a lovely opening. The gallery is a perfect space for your work. You and Barry certainly work well together. Hope lots of people visit... and buy.

  4. So nice of you to make it possible for us not only to "view" the exhibit through the video on your previous post, but to also give us a front row impression of the opening; it felt as if I were there, meeting the friends, recognizing ALAW 2011 co-participants, looking at how grrrrrrrrreat YOU all look! The work is truly beautiful, and I love your skirt matching the "theme"/color scheme of the pieces. Perfect!

  5. It was a fun night and very successful opening, congrats!

  6. Fiona,
    I am not at all surprised that pieces 'walked out of the door' on opening night. Seeing your beautiful things take shape via the blog made that a certainty. Good luck with the rest of the exhibition. Lesley

  7. Liz and Tammie -thank you both; it's a good way to share!

    Jp - thank you for being there and for buying; we really appreciate it.

    Anna - thankyou! And thanks too for noticing the skirt connection - I actually chose the dress based on that link to the works! It's nice to see the other folk from ALAW as well isn't it?

    Kim - thanks to you too for your support in so many ways.

    Lesley - kind words indeed - thank you. We'll see how the rest of it goes.

  8. Congratulations to you both. It looked like a great occasion. And Fiona, I agree with Anna, your skirt is just beautiful and you looked fabulous. I so wish I could just pop in for a moment.

  9. Carol thanks so much - it would be wonderful to be able to be transported ever so briefly to each other's events wouldn't it? Sigh.

  10. I am so happy for you and Barry and this excellent culmination of much hard work and such great talents! As for the journey, I would like to think this is a beginning, not an end, or perhaps one leg of the journey complete with many more fine adventures to come! Congratulations to you both.

  11. Marvelous Fiona and Barry, I do wish I had have been there. Thank you for sharing the pics. and I am so pleased to see that (at least) three of my calligrapher friends were there Helen, Helen and Tanya.
    x gb


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