Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Having too many books to read is not a problem, it’s a gift. Having no books to read: that’s a problem.
Jessica Zafra

We have had a frantic ten days or so and this little quote reminds me how much I need books to  help me through; to be my companion; to be my escape or to simply let me feel comfortable when I am feeling out of my depth in a place.  The thought of NOT having enough books with us when we travel is almost my worst nightmare.

We travelled across the country for work-work recently and much more looms ahead. It might have seemed like we were pottering away on the mountain but those posts were not 'going live' so to speak. We travelled to Canberra, then down to Bega to see Ronnie's work and her exhibition (she posted about the visit here) and then back to Canberra for work and down to Melbourne for a conference, then back to Brisbane and a drive to Lismore to attend the Southern Cross University Artists Book exhibition. We also got to meet Sara at the opening and she wrote about the exhibition here.

Then we came home for 14 hours and got up at 3.30am to fly to Alice Springs - hot desert country and then came home last night. Weary. But happy.

Wherever we went, our bags became heavier because we bought books. To look at, to remind us and to just keep us company. A happy traveller is a traveller with a book or two (OK I admit it, even more...)!

I'll fill you in a bit with the artistic fabulousness we came across in different parts of our trip over the next wee while. In the interim, the photo below is an image from within a new sculptural piece at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra called "Within, Without" by American contemporary artist James Turrell. It was awe-inspiring and deserves its own post later.


  1. We recently visited the National Gallery and this awesome structure. How it changes at different times of the day! Best when viewed alone (or with a VERY quiet partner) as it is a perfect place to meditate on the universe.

  2. Books make the best overweight luggage. What a trip you've had. Now for your exhibition! Good luck!

  3. Having no books to read would be like an ordeal! Happy reading. And happy world book day. I love the photo, though I have no idea of the scale.

  4. well, like you two, i have a thing...books...from barely four days away, and two of them with friends all day, i came home with five new books. glad you're back, safe and sound.

  5. Ah Jo - isn't it the most wonderful experience? Like being inside your own personal piece of modern art.

    Carol - We sometimes even mail books back to ourselves so we don't heave them around behind us! Madness! But such good travelling companions. Yes, an exhibition email has just been sent...

    Annie - the scale is large (standing room and a lot more; yes a little bit unimaginable a life without books.

    V - love it! I think Erasmus has it right - we buy books and if money is left over - we buy food!

  6. The question is which particular books tempted you?


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