Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.
Camille Pissarro

I chose this quote tonight, quite quickly - it seemed something I could respond to.

This quote speaks to me of the communities and networks that we discover on the web - where in amongst the literally gazillions of pieces of information and opinion and imagery that flow every millisecond; we find those who find the beauty in humble places. Who celebrate the moment. Who celebrate the uniqueness of the old, worn or tired. Who see that something simple, plain or apparently inconsequential in fact holds much to be admired, respected and loved.

I think its a gift, this capacity to see that moments, fragments and the often passed-by elements of a day are special and beautiful. This ability to stop, be in the moment and truly appreciate the wonder and beauty they behold instead of rushing by, pushing through, not glancing this way or that.

I feel a kindredness of spirit with folk who can see these things and wonder at them. Who can render a fleeting image in quick graceful lines, write beautifully of a quiet, stolen moment or photograph the magnificence of a winter wonderland. The world is full of wonder and its nice to know we have friends who notice it too.  Blessed indeed.

January Rain by Fiona Dempster
During the big wet, I took this shot thru our flyscreen one morning as we chose our daily word. Humble, yet beautiful (to me).


  1. Love the post Fiona and love the screen image, the tiny droplets on the grid of mesh are wonderful, thanks.

  2. what a lovely post
    my thoughts
    are in harmony with yours
    I love the quiet beauty
    of your photo...

    xox - eb.

  3. What a great shot Fiona! Totally conveys both the scene and the mood of the moment. It amazes me that in such a short time I've somehow found just the right people in blogland. When I first began posting I was slow in acquiring followers and had no idea how to find good people writing and creating with integrity and honesty and imagination, there was so much out there to sift through, so overwhelming! Then one by one, one find led to another, one friend led to another and now I know I can wake up each day and visit with a relatively small but select group of wonderful folks like yourself, whom I never could have met any other way. Such a blessing.

  4. great shot! (I have screen door envy... our animals have destroyed just about every bit of fly screen on the house!)

  5. loved the thought, loved the mood and the graphic quality of the views through the screen door...

  6. Liz - thanks! Its great to see those little magic moments amongst teh grey..

    eb - thank you for visiting. I'm happy you found the post and thoughts in tune with yourself, I have just popped over to see your lovely images and works as well!

    TT/G - so true - these special overlaps which would pass us by in any other form of our worlds- yet like tiny dot magnets, we find each other! I like the shot as well!

    Lynda - thank you for your visit and for liking that shot!

    Ronnie - I would miss my screens - we have so many greeblies that fly around at night especially when its warm!

    Anna - Its nice to discover the kindredness of spirits isn't it? Thanks!

  7. Fiona,
    I've become a regular reader of your blog and love your work. I wholeheartedly agree with what you present here... love the idea of consecrating the ordinary and everyday moments of our lives.

  8. This image of screen reminded me of my times living in the Dubai, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Bahames..the screens saved me from many nights being bitten by nasty insects..!Hax thanks for the memoryx

  9. Helen - thank you for visiting, reading and commenting - its so nice to connect with other artists! Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is important to me - to be reminded that this single moment is valued. Maybe its about mindfulness as well? Hmm... more pondering!

    Lynda - oh yeah you'd need screens in those places! We don't have any on our doors and if we fling them open for a summer night's gathering, we accept we're sweeping up debris the next morning big time!


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