Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moments from the Met

Last week Barry and I spent almost a full day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw maybe half of what was there - another trip another time I think...

It would have to be one of the best art museums in the world - bringing together concepts of gallery and museum so brilliantly.  There is something for everybody for sure and the pure range of artworks on view is stunning.  Here are a few fleeting glimpses of some of the things I loved and enjoyed, in no particular order...

Giacometti's Cat
Anselm Kiefer
Ellsworth Kelly, Spectrum V
Judit Reigl, Outburst (fragment)
Fiona in Anish Kappor, Untitled
El Anatsui, Dusasa II (fragment)
Klimt, (fragment)
Official signature of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, circa 1555
Fragment of cloth with inscription , 9th century
And my last little touristy shot - Sunday was a beautiful day to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge; and we did. Those arches look like they belong in a cathedral...much majesty and beauty.


  1. Thank you for showing me Giacometti's Cat I've never seen it before..

  2. What a great thought, that you'll return one day! I love the Klimt.

  3. I think this means you made it back home safe? I can't wait to see how all these little bits of visual inspiration will make their way into your work in coming months. The Met is an amazing place, with every kind of art in every kind of setting. Inexhaustible. Like you two! I'm glad you had the perfect day to do the bridge. Hart Crane referred to it as "harp and altar" and now you know why! You are both much missed in the G & B household. And little P has not stopped talking about her two new admirers! Where can they have gone?

  4. You two must be so oversaturated with everything you've much wonderful work to process....this trip will carry you for a long time to come...can't wait to see how the art making unfolds!

  5. Such amazing and inspirational stuff! You really had fun.

  6. AYCAM - thanks for letting me know; I loved that cat and its horizontal nature was so different to the usual long thin verticals.

    Annie - thanks. Funny I was so drawn to the incompleteness of the Klimt; i loved it!

    G/TT - yes safe and sound. The only images so far to make their way into anything are of dried grasses, seed heads and bare branches. I was mesmerised by them Say hi to Little P! Thanks for the Hart Crane quote - it is perfect and describes how it was for me.

    Thanks Patti - yes, when I look back at the photos I realise how much we saw; but we never felt overwhelmed which is good. No idea how it will all play out - there are little fragments here and there that speak...

    That we did Jo - I'd go back in a heartbeat!

  7. Fiona, what images. Having serious envy issues here. I want to go there now and see all those things for myself!

  8. Lesley - it was truly remarkable, a visual feast and like so many courses at dinner - just another little something madame? It's not too far to hop over from Wales perchance???


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