Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finishing and Faddling

I've experienced that serious sense of purpose and commitment, combined with drive and need to complete a piece this week. Followed by the total relaxation of aimlessly exploring a few different things in the studio, with no goal or aim in mind.

I finished my third "Fragile Gains" book and am mightily relieved to be sending it on its way to the US in the next day or so.

There is always a degree of pressure in delivering work that has been sought - compared to making the work for itself.  Luckily I was kind to myself and gave myself the whole weekend to complete it, after finishing burning through the week.

Quietly and gently it came together; but with lots of persistence.

So here are some fragment of the final…

Before I could knuckle down to the actual completion, I gave myself some empty-mind, free-time to play and explore. So I got out the watercolours and some Arches Velin paper and practiced this -

Then afterwards it was into more mindless tasks like cutting paper to the right size for the November Maleny Printmakers' exhibition and trialling some mono-prints.

Inspired by Carol du Bosch over at A Letter a Week, I also grabbed a pen, dipped it in ink and wrote a letters on a few scraps of paper, then washed the ink off - serendipity of marks here we come!

It was so good for the spirit to just faddle and faff around - trying this and that just for sheer fun of it.

And then today, because the bunches of bananas are ripening much faster than we can eat them; the first loaf of banana bread. I expect there will be plenty more...


  1. {{ hellllu!
    i just popped in
    from Jennifer Coyne Qudeen ...

    i suffer paper*love, myself,
    but this year
    for me
    it has been the Power of the Canvas !! }}

    to meet you !!

    1. Thanks for popping over spf - sounds like you've had a happy year of canvas love! Go well.

  2. just had a look through all your posts about your edition of "Fragile Gains", such a brilliant body of work Fiona
    deep bow to you

    1. Thank you Mo - such kind words. It has been a pleasure to make these books and to send them forth…go well.

  3. I love the serendipity letters - ghosts of themselves - and that wonderful monoprint with its depth and movement ... and that loaf of banana bread is quite enticing too!

    1. I too love those letters - I was so thrilled to seem disappear, yet remain…and I must admit that mono print is full of depth and movement in that photo - seems a little bit flatter in person! Banana bread is going well - very satisfying. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine, go well.


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