Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flags for Peace beginning

We celebrate and share International Day of Peace on 21 September each year, by making and hanging flags for peace. Mary Jane is hosting the event again, and both Barry and I are turning our minds to our flags.

I will once again hang weather-grams of peace in the tree at the top of the driveway. People see them there and talk about them and that is wonderful. I like to remind them each year...

I have also decided I need to do some quick and simple flags - the diary and schedule are quite full from here until December - so over the weekend I began.

I got some old book pages out, wrote PEACE on five of them, then sprayed them with a gloss varnish-finish to help stabilise them for the weather.

The flags are underway!

They are not yet strung ready for hanging, but I am happy that I have made a start.

Here they are just finished on my writing board

After and before spraying with the varnish...

I discovered this beautiful watermark in the paper when I took it outside to spray.

And I'm always a sucker for a bleed-out shot!

We think we will move all our flags from the back deck out onto the front yard so that folk can see them on 21 September; and my beautiful hand-made paper with origami peace crane flags are still going strong at the front of the house! I love that they have survived a good 9 months outside.

Even if its just for a day and people stop and wonder what the flags are meaning, then that is good. The weather grams last a lot longer and keep reminding folk for months...


  1. Just lovely Fiona. Such a simple idea, yet so effective. Need to find my own peace flags...they're hiding in the studio...and put them out again. Enjoy!

    1. Hi J - I really had to stick with simple this time around! The pages have a nice firm feel now so I hope they will survive. Still sorting thru what to string them with? Hope you find yours and can fly them!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Sharmon, sometimes simple works...


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