Sunday, June 8, 2014

Open Studio time again!

It's exciting to think that this time in a week, we will have hosted another Open Studio event here on the mountain. We are both looking forward to it, and have been busy in the studios over the weekend making things and testing things but not yet cleaning up!  That will happen throughout the week so things are all sparkly next Saturday.

I have been enjoying making more books and some notebooks. Here is another "peace is every step" book; this time in wild crazy purple, magenta and red - acrylic inks into water.

I love the hand-stitched detail on the book's wrap.

A six-page concertina, it will sit nicely without taking up too much room.

It has little cut-outs and hand stitches in the valley folds…threads dangling again.

And in keeping with the 'in the pink' kind of theme happening in the studio at the moment, here are some red poppy prints I have even working on - possibly for the Maleny Printmakers' next Collectables exhibition in November. Not sure where they are headed at the moment…

I'll be updating my on-line shop after the Open Studio - adding more things and maybe even taking some things down if they sell next weekend! 


  1. I really like the colour/bleed of the plate tone in the poppy prints. Hope the Open Studio comes well

    1. Thanks Jac - me too! I tried a few variations and just liked some of the smudges...

  2. 'Purple Peace' has a ring to it. Love those poppies too,

    1. I like that Jo! It all seems quite colourful for me...


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