Sunday, March 27, 2016

A new website is launched!

Art-life is many things, and is never ever, as I have come to learn, simply about thinking about and making art.

There is a lot of other work that has to be done if you actually ever want to share your work with people - either nearby or far away. This would seem to include, but not be limited to, pricing work, photographing work, writing up artist statements, creating exhibition schedules, writing applications for exhibitions, writing articles for journals, creating logos and with compliments slips, stationery, blogs, websites, newsletters and a range of other items.

I have been rather quiet on the making side of late - still finding my way forward again after my mum died - but I have been busy designing the look and feel of a new website and providing loads of words and images into the new site, which has been created and built by Katie at Phoenix Design.

So, without much further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my new website - my formal and more professional presence on the interweb.

I am thrilled with how it has worked out - of course we have little things still to tweak and the odd correction to make, but generally speaking it is in fine shape to share with the world.

Ta da!

The images on the landing page. If you hover over the image you discover a category of my work - artists' books, calligraphic art, letterpress, women, peace and war, off the page, commissions, pas de deus and recent highlights.

And this is the top of the page - the header and the menu as well as most of the images above!

My artists' books portfolio page.

And clicking on Beyond Books and Burning you get to this sub-portfolio page.

Similarly, my women's page.

Click on Time for Change

Then if you click on an image, you get an enlargement, showing the detail beautifully.

 A portion of my Exhibitions page (found under Places)

A portio of my Workshops page (found under Events)

And another new feature - a page where you can see my last ten blog posts and what they are about.

Probably I have done enough show and tell here and the best thing to do is head over to and have a wander for yourself!

It has been a time-consuming and at times tiring few weeks as we focused, and decided, and wrote, and re-sized and named photographs and worked hard to find the best layout and colours and look.

It feels like a milestone has been achieved. It was time to renew and refresh and I love the square imagery throughout, and that the site is optimised for mobile phones and for tablets. Katie was brilliant to work with and I couldn't recommend her highly enough for artists' websites. The new site builds on the previous one, but just takes it the next level.

Barry has created a whole new website as well ( which is also worth a look - so many beautiful shiny things!

I am really happy - the site feels new and fresh and me. Bubbles all round I think!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mo - felt like a marathon effort, but worth it.

  2. Your new website is wonderful - well done it's a labour of love - I've recently done an upgrade as well - very time-consuming.

    1. Thanks Carol - you know how long it takes and how hard it is to keep ploughing through to the end then! Always worth it tho - feels really good.

  3. The new site showcases your work very well. Love it!

    1. Thanks Seth - a labour of love with good results!

  4. Swooning over your artists books. Lovely website, Fiona.

    1. Enjoy the swoon Robyn - how lovely to have you doing so! Go well.

  5. Congratulations on the new site, Fiona! I enjoyed the snippets/"tour" here and am looking forward to perusing. Great that you've had some help - I finished redesigning/updating my website earlier this year, after beginning last summer! It does feel good though, and yours looks beautifully thought out...

  6. Thanks Lisa they are such labours of love aren't they? It is always a challenge to work out how to present yourself to the world...hope you enjoyed!


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